Beginning this year

The Jewel Tankard Foundation

is doing something special to help fill the gap in technology needs for teens and we need your help!

For the past several years, Jewel Tankard--economist and TV Reality Star-- has been partnering with others to help families in need have a memorable Christmas. However, finding toys for teens is becoming increasingly more difficult to find. Significant non-profit organizations have decided to no longer service children aged 14 and over. In addition, there is an enormous disparity between access to technology for inner city youth compared to those from suburban areas that leads to poor performance in high school and college, and eventually the work force. We want to make sure that we do our part in equipping them to succeed in this Uber/digital economy. A huge advocate for innovation, The Jewel Tankard Foundation's focus is on ensuring that teenagers have the technology needed to succeed in school.


The Jewel Tankard Foundation will concentrate our efforts specifically on teenagers in need of technology to help with homework, create content, and do research and development on various projects. We are launching Tech for Teens this Christmas season and are looking to partner with individuals and businesses to support these efforts. Tech for Teens will giveaway tablets free of charge to teenagers both in the Middle Tennessee and Detroit, MI areas.


The cost for one laptop is $100 and we have a goal to donate 200 laptops this Christmas Season. The Jewel Tankard Foundation thank you in advance for your generosity and support.



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